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Sound resource management finds its agenda setting in policy prescriptions and legal governance formulation which support decision making. We have experience in policy formulation and legal reviews in many thematic areas such as invasive species, climate change, protected areas, energy, fisheries, pollution prevention and management, coastal zone and ocean policy, forestry policy and agricultural instruments. In the past our team has supported regional and national policy making. For example, recently one of our experts led the development of the West Africa Invasive Species Strategy for countries in Abidjan Convention Area.


Our interdisciplinary experts are well equipped with the technical skills and scientific 'know how' to undertake evaluations that support sound decision making required by our client's needs and programme agenda. Our team has experience in over 50 countries in both the terrestrial and marine environment, ranging from environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA), hydrographic surveys, oceanographic studies, biodiversity assessments, forestry mapping, fisheries governance, protected area management, spatial planning, among others. Our Environmental Evaluation services are designed to analyze, solve and recommend solutions for a better decision-making process.



We have the expertise to design a state of the art and 'best fit' monitoring regime to support data collection in both the terrestrial and marine environment. We are committed to the strengthening of the science -policy interface to empower decision makers in robust policy making grounded in scientific information. Our team has a strong interdisciplinary background and brings cutting edge solutions. Many of the experts have active records of research and publications in areas of science, management and policy.


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